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在Covid-19期间,Gen Z的思想是什么?

The weight of COVID-19 is rearing its ugly head on Gen Z, who say they are experiencing greater mental health and work worries. More are turning to social media while altering their living arrangements amid shifting college and work structures.

At the same time, Gen Z’s tremendous focus on social justice is causing them to place racism as a top worry and go so far as to re-think their priorities for their workplace teams — from a “great manager” in 2019 to values, respect and diversity in 2020.

Gen Z包括那些born in the mid-1990sand those who would otherwise be entering the workforce in their early 20s. Because of Gen Z’s growing impact on the marketplace, CEOs and HR leaders need to think carefully about how they engage this generation and promote their brands and opportunities.

有影响的女孩4th annual report今年的调查结果比较last year’s通过在大流行期间审查Gen Z的前景,担忧,信心和工作场所偏好。这里有五个主要的外卖会,这是美国银行和国家网络安全的力量。




Job security and success remain among Gen Z’s top worries. But mental health has gathered even greater steam — seeing a 20% increase over 2019 and moving up to second place from third in 2019 as Gen Z’s single, greatest concern — perhaps the result of seeingfamily members lose jobs




当被问及他们期望由于Covid-19所期望的改变 - 从工作到延迟学院 - 一个大量的69%的Gen Z'ers表示,他们今年在社交媒体或流媒体视频上花费更多时间;30%期望在可预见的未来与父母住在一起。其他人正在推迟学院。毫无疑问,领导人需要考虑替代方式,以保持Gen Z从事,学习和推进,甚至在家中。


To an even greater extent than last year, the generation wants to create something innovative or world-changing. More Gen Z men and women expect to be entrepreneurs running their own companies — up from 46% in 2019 to 53% in 2020. Far fewer expect they’ll make it as leaders within established organizations with a surprising 64% saying they are unsure or unlikely of ever becoming one.

比任何一代人都多,Gen Z感受到了Covid-19的命运 - 并将用于可预见的未来。许多GEN ZERS意识到解决了我国面临的唯一挑战,从种族主义到气候变化,是他们自己的老板。


More men (40%) than women (36%) feel confident that they’ll become leaders in an organization, which is, perhaps, why more Gen Z women are turning to entrepreneurship.

在薪酬前沿,Z妇女继续薪酬较低 - 盈利期望的性别差距扩大。39%的男子预计将赚取超过40岁以上的价格,而不是27%的女性。当被问及最大促进他们的信心,专业技能和身体形象问题时,诸如体重减轻的人数突出。


Gen Z再次从2019年开始翻转其优先级,当大幅上涨,经验丰富的团队最重要。在2020年,它是价值观,尊重和团队多样性 - 以及一位良好的经理 - 顶级Gen Z在工作中有效球队的要求列表。虽然男性价值大多数大多数人,但妇女说多样性是关键。

Gen Z also shifted priorities when making job choices, from a short travel time and mentoring in 2019 to wanting remote working and flexible hours — with greater attention to volunteer opportunities.



詹妮弗 chairman of Girls With Impact. She was previously CEO & Founder of Women’s Financial Network in Silicon Valley, and is a longtime columnist for Dow Jones.

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