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Is America Returning As A Global Leader?

America largely abdicated from the ‘throne’ of global leadership during the previous administration led by former President Donald Trump — so will the new administration return to being a global leader? In 2019, Ivo Daalder joined阿尔玛尔to discuss America’s inward turn under President Trump. He returned this week to the阿尔玛尔podcast team彼得舍史和慕尼黑纳森谈到拜登政府在美国外交政策的优先事项中的转变及其意图恢复美国作为可信赖的盟友的看法。

Ivo Daalder是芝加哥全球事务委员会主席,新出版的新出版社The Empty Throne, America’s Abdication of Global Leadership.Daalder was the U.S. ambassador to NATO from 2009 to 2013, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy and director for European Affairs at the NSC under Bill Clinton.


在新的政府从特朗普时代的转变中,首先在列表中是美国 - 俄罗斯的关系。据达泰德介绍,Joseph Biden总统进入椭圆形办公室,与冷战以来的任何其他总统都有一个更幅度的俄罗斯展望。




President Biden campaigned on a return to multilateral foreign policy and re-joined many global initiatives on his first day in the Oval Office. But as the U.S. makes its long-awaited return to the global table, is it possible to “build back better,” — to use Biden’s campaign’s tagline?

“Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States’ departure from the global table led to a significant power vacuum. Our book,The Empty Throne,是written at a time that China was rising, economically, militarily, and increasingly, politically, and becom[ing] a major global player,” explains Ivo Daalder. As the world divides between China and the United States, every country now faces multiple challenges that require a global response.

China and North Korea

“China is a great power and it’s not going away. We can’t wish it away. And we certainly can’t just contain or confront it away, which seemed to be [the actions taken] towards the end of the Trump administration.”


Daadler thinks that North Korea could be an immediate challenge for the new administration. “We’ve had three summits between President Trump and Kim Jong-un. We have, in some ways, normalized the existence of the North Korean regime. And in response to that outreach, the North Koreans are doubling down on their nuclear program, doubling down on their missile program, expanding the capacity to reach immediate neighbors, U.S. territories in the Pacific, and increasingly the capacity to hit the United States with nuclear weapons delivered by land and perhaps sea-based missiles.”

A Complicated Stew of Challenges

总统拜登总统进入椭圆形办公室,明确表示返回全球表的愿望 - 但它不再是相同的表格。Today, the world faces the seemingly unstoppable rise of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the increasing repressive streak of Russian President Putin, the void left by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe’s health and resignation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s internal struggles, Israelian Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s inept bluster.

“Biden’s foreign policy team, a seasoned group, will re-enter the global arena with strength, but without a bully pulpit,” says阿尔玛尔’sPeter Schechter., noting “it’s a different world, one that requires different conversations.” As阿尔玛尔’sMuni Jensen在第一集中的笔记,“美国四年前的美国王座已经改变了。不要过度使用类比,但它不再被一个大椅子上的国王占据。它看起来更像是一个带有新的和多样化的骑士的圆桌会议,每个人都有一种语音和优势的方式更广泛地传播。“

Ivo daalder.concludes that the U.S., weighed down by its own struggles, no longer has all the answers, nor all the money — and not even the same credibility. “Military might speak loudly, but it is not sufficient. The rest of the world has seen an exemplary democracy almost fall to pieces and is cautiously waiting for reconstruction,” says Daalder.

阿尔玛尔is a global politics podcast hosted by former Atlantic Council senior vice president Peter Schechter and award-winning journalist Muni Jensen.

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Ivo daalder.

President of Chicago Council on Global Affairs @IvoHDaalder

Ivo H. Daalder is president of theChicago Council关于全球事务。他从2009 - 2013年担任美国大使北约。大使大使是10本书的作者和编辑,包括The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership(with James M. Lindsay).

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