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In a Changing World, People Are Critical to M&A

Partner and Global M&A Advisory Services Leader at Mercer Mercer的全球并购战略和运营领导者

While events driven by COVID-19 have not stopped the world from turning, they certainly have shifted the axis a bit. Amidst the loss and suffering, business leaders are pivoting from responding to these events to planning a path forward for their organizations. A prism of moderating costs, mitigating risks and maximizing value guides this planning — along with an emphasis on empathy as well as economics, as the workforce adjusts to new realities in a post-COVID-19 landscape.

An underlying urgency — rarely, if ever seen before — influences this planning. Leaders face a sobering laundry list of to-dos, such as performing a realistic review on balance sheet health, re-evaluating their business model (including supply chain changes, consumer interaction and workforce environments), and dealing with external pressures from investors and shareholders.


呼吁采取行动 - 战略性地解决人们的风险

The idea of capital-P People being the value catalyst in deals is nothing new. The majority of deals fail. One of the most commonly cited reasons is the failure to adequately and strategically anticipate and address people issues. Yet in the 1,200 deals Mercer’s global M&A Advisory team works on each year, we continue to see business leaders put people risks in the tactical bucket versus more strategically considered areas such as operations, supply chain, tax planning or legal and regulatory considerations.

It is unlikely that a CEO would say, “Can we just address the tax and regulatory issues of this deal post close?” Yet more often than not, this is the mindset related to people risks. The increased business risk due to the uncertainty and the reduced timeframes due to the opportunistic nature of deals in the current macroeconomic environment make this reactive posture even more likely. Leaders who identify and plan for these people issues early and strategically will be building a foundation for delivering full value.

除了在大多数战术意义上定义人们的问题,主要原因 - 主要是 - 人们的主题往往被解雇为概念性地解决战略性上。这不一定是这种情况。十个元素最终将人们塑造在任何组织中的动态,但请注意,每个元素的临界程度必须根据特定于特定的基础确定:愿景,使命和价值观导致列表,其次是领导,组织设计,治理和决策权利,通信风格,工作流程,工作环境,奖励和认可,人才管理和员工价值主张。188bet滚球投注



As with other areas of the deal, the evaluation of people issues is not a one-time event. It should involve the constant testing and refining of an initial thesis. This strategic consideration is at the core of successfully anticipating and navigating issues that will negatively influence your ability to deliver value.


An urgent need in some organizations to create business sustainability and in others an opportunity to transform is expected to fuel increased deals activity over the next six to 12 months.在最近的投票中,大约40%的受访者表示目前的市场状况不会在未来12个月内改变其交易策略。具有不同类型的事务的固有人的模式。虽然每项交易都带来了自己独特的情况,但有可能预测最初的交易论文创作中的这些风险,并在早期调查中优先考虑它们。以下是预期的近期交易趋势以及相关的优先级问题。


剥夺:Many organizations will leverage divestures as a way to stabilize their balance sheet and pursue new strategic imperatives. Key people issues include understanding the impact that the spin-off will have on workforce costs at both the remaining company as well as the carve-out, selecting talent to stay versus go, determining retention strategies for key talent, and executing the required stand-up expectations (e.g., Transition Services Agreement delivery or full Day One functioning).


时事基于“增大化现实”技术e causing business leaders to rethink everything about their business model and related processes. Just as importantly, leaders need to rethink how they and their organization consider the people elements in future transactions. Let this be a wakeup call around how to approach deals moving forward. Early and strategic consideration of these elements will set the foundation for successfully mitigating risk and delivering value — in a post-COVID-19 business climate that focuses on the human factor as much as the financial one.


Partner and Global M&A Advisory Services Leader at Mercer

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