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How the EU’s Vaccine Distribution Slowdown Will Impact the German Election

欧洲委员会主席Ursula Von der Leyen正在尽力限制Covid-19疫苗接种崩溃造成的损害。她最近面对了欧洲议会, pledging that things would get better and vaccination across the union would speed up in coming weeks.

It will be difficult to fully restore her credibility as long as vaccination in Europe continues to lag behind the U.S., U.K. or Israel. Some mishaps even suggested sheer panic when Von der Leyen noted that another commissioner proposed限制疫苗出口从欧盟进入第三国,如U.K.


可以理解的是,布鲁塞尔机构的批评者paid close attention。However, across Europe chancelleries refrained from openly criticizing the Commission, conscious of what is at stake:

  • The longer it takes to vaccinate citizens, the longer it will take for the economy to rebound from the dramatic slowdown caused by the pandemic. And bickering will not speed up the process.
  • A European approach still guarantees a greater chance for member countries to exit lockdowns together, thereby reducing the danger of greater divergence when the recovery finally materializes.
  • 一种国家方法,成员国竞标自己的疫苗用品,风险撕裂了联盟的政治凝聚力,可能会燃料的民族主义,迄今为止,已被留在海湾。刚刚想象德国对希腊的竞标,其中一家药物公司将更快地获得供应。

事实上,对疫苗卷展率的缓慢开始的公众反应并未在欧盟穿过均匀负面。一些舆论,特别是在意大利,主要专注于国家瓶颈,而不是欧盟水平的缓慢疫苗推出。在最大的欧洲国家中,反应特别是负 - 联盟内部的一个,德国和其他外部,U.K.

Perhaps for the first time after Brexit and the end of the transition period, the U.K. government demonstrated foresight and decisiveness. It clearly helps politically when you can paper over the disadvantages of leaving the EU while the other side drops the ball on an important challenge, such as COVID-19.

The Backlash in Germany



Chancellor Angela Merkel has tried hard to steady the ship and maintain support for a European approach to COVID-19 in her own country. However, the long lockdown is eroding support for the government’s handling of the pandemic. As a consequence, defending the European spirit behind the vaccine rollout has become more difficult.


Managing the COVID-19 crisis is becoming part of the political campaign that is slowly gathering pace in Germany — ahead of the general elections in early fall. Chancellor Merkel is entering her lame duck stage, especially now that her party has selected a new head of the Christian Democrats (CDU), the moderate Armin Laschet.

因为目前还不清楚谁应该成为有限公司nservative candidate for chancellorship, however, potential successors are jockeying for pole position. The fight currently boils down to a rivalry of two, pitching the适度的Armin Laschet.反对巴伐利亚姐妹党的头,Markus Soeder。


How the Vaccine Rollout Plays Into the German Election

German politicians are realizing that the end of the COVID-19 health emergency could coincide with the general elections, and the political campaign is likely going to be dominated by the fight against the pandemic and the economic recovery.

加入混合欧盟委员会主席为自己是德国政治家的事实。在没有一个清晰的前跑步者的情况下,Ursula von der leyen甚至可以被视为大学候选人。然而,她的国内政治生涯并非没有争议。作为国防部长,她被刺激了丑闻涉及夸大的费用。



Alexander Privitera.

Head of European Affairs at Commerzbank AG and BRINK Columnist

Alexander Privitera在华盛顿的智库AICGS,约翰霍普金斯大学是非居民。他还在Commerzbank AG的欧洲事务负责人。

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