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Developing a DEI Listening Strategy: Four Critical Areas to Assess

天赋Strategy Consultant at Mercer | Sirota Director of Research and Development at Mercer | Sirota 天赋Strategy Consultant at Mercer | Sirota

Over the past year, racial equity has become a top concern in many organizations. Based on our最新民意调查在商业领袖,75%的美国公司最近几个月增加了他们对多样性,公平和包容(DEI)的关注。但只有46%的人表示他们正在看到改善的迹象。

建立包含的文化并不容易。如果您想确保您的工作场所是公平和公平的每个人,则反馈至关重要。采取现成的瞄准旨在向企业培训或举措的Dei-Rexive发射,而不从您的劳动力输入 - 可能不会起作用。相反,您需要首先倾听您的员工,并对他们在工作中的经验深刻了解。

许多组织使用订婚调查或脉冲来了解其工作环境的整体健康状况。188bet滚球投注根据我们的研究,这不是一种评估您的文化的有效方法。在综合分析超过100多个组织工作的100万员工中,我们发现黑人雇员,土着员工和颜色人民(BIPOC)的参与水平与白人员工的参与水平一样高。但我们还发现,BIPOC员工的工作场所歧视和偏爱比白人员工更高。这意味着,如果您勉强关注参与 - 仅仅依靠这种指标来评估组织中的员工体验 - 您可能会忽略组织的不公平。



关系对员工经验产生了深远的影响。We have found that when employees feel a sense of belonging at work, their motivation and commitment levels soar. When they experience exclusion, isolation or indifference, stress levels increase,performance declines and health problems可以出现。您的员工是否与他们的同事和管理人员有良好的工作关系?他们在工作中经历了深刻的社区感吗?如果您想确保您的工作场所是包容性的,请评估关系质量和level of social capitalin your organization is a critical place to start.



工作是一个社交交换。雇主提供外在(例如,支付,福利,奖金)和内在奖励(例如,有意义的工作,学习机会),以换取员工的努力,奉献精神和履行。各种研究,包括our own, show that when employees feel this exchange is fair, they work hard and stay long. But when the deal is not perceived to be fair, employees withdraw — either psychologically (by caring less), physically (by investing less effort) or literally (by quitting). If you want to evaluate how equitable your work environment is, it is important to understand how your employees feel about their rewards. Do they think they are receiving a fair deal? Do they feel they can grow and develop? Do they understand how reward decisions are made? By gathering feedback on these kinds of questions and then conducting internal and external benchmarking, you can determine if any gaps exist and need to be addressed.

Workplace Practices

All workplaces are shaped by norms — shared assumptions, expectations and patterns of behavior. Thesenorms可以促进联系和社区或划分和不平等。因为规范对工作环境具有如此强大的影响,因此了解您的员工定期观察和体验的行为模式是重要的。188bet滚球投注他们见证歧视吗?他们是否看到种族主义或性别歧视的迹象?他们听到不恰当的笑话或经验micro-aggressions? These types of questions provide insight into the daily lives of your employees. Results can be used to identify discriminatory behavior and target either systemic or local problems.

Strategic Commitment

没有来自顶部的承诺,很少发生有意义的文化变革。什么时候多样性计划失败, it is often because organizations implement piecemeal solutions and stopgap measures rather than coherent strategies and system-wide interventions. Do your employees believe your senior leaders are committed to DEI? Do they support your DEI strategy? Do they think it is being deployed effectively? By asking these kinds of questions, you can evaluate the extent to which your workforce understands your DEI strategy and thinks it is making a meaningful difference.

At this point, theresearchis clear: When teams and organizations are more diverse, they perform betterfinancially,attract and retain top talent, and generate morecreative and innovative ideas. But beyond the business case for DEI, there is also a moral imperative.

Despite decades of effort, racism is still a pervasive societal problem, both in the U.S. and around the world. The only way to ensure an organization is not part of the problem is to conduct a careful review of its culture and people practices. By committing to a regular discipline of listening to your employees, exploring critical questions and rectifying problems, leaders can help build a better organization and create a more just world.

Varavit Chinnapong

天赋Strategy Consultant at Mercer | Sirota

Varavit Chinnapong is a talent strategy consultant with expertise in employee listening strategies and organizational research. He received his M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Jose State University.


    Director of Research and Development at Mercer | Sirota

    帕特里克赫兰德, Ph.D., is the director of research and development at Mercer | Sirota. He has over 15 years of experience in organizational research and consulting. He is currently conducting research on a variety of workforce topics, including employee lifecycle research, onboarding practices, senior leadership team effectiveness, mindfulness at work, and survey actioning best practices.

    Liubov Phillips

    天赋Strategy Consultant at Mercer | Sirota

    Liubov Phillips,Ph.D.是现有人才博物馆的人才战略顾问Sirota她在那里工作的各种咨询项目,包括开发和分析对员工倾听的调查。她在华盛顿州的美国大学获得了MBA,以及在纽约州Hofstra大学的应用组织心理学博士学位。

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